Kristy Johnsson is a somatic therapist specialising in climate related anxiety. In today’s interview I’ll be asking her about her work, whilst relating some of my own struggles with despairing visions of the future.

Kristy has also done work in environmental anthropology and is herself deeply concerned about climate change. I’m not. Whilst I don’t consider my position to be an extreme one, it’s certainly raise eyebrows, dropped jaws and earned me the label of ‘denier’ in the past.

Kristy and I attempt a conversation where we explore how we arrived at our contrasting opinions. The aim is to understand rather than argue, and to see if there’s some common ground to be found in there somewhere. We’re doing this as an antidote to what is so often a hostile and unproductive area of discussion.

Find Kristy’s writing, other interviews and contact details at -

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