Marci Peterson has a fascinating story of overcoming trauma through a psycho-spiritual journey ultimately involving a near death experience. Throughou...View Details

'What the hell does 9/11 have to do with deep spirituality?' That's the question Alex Tsakiris posed at the end of our conversation on the Skeptiko po...View Details

Adam Fitzgerald and I have concluded our Roads to 9/11 series on this channel and Adam has started a new channel dedicated solely to 9/11 studies - on...View Details

Elaine Thorpe is a trance medium who channels the spirit of Jonathan Hunter, a Victorian gentleman who lived from 1845-91. In this interview I ask Ela...View Details

Kristy Johnsson is a somatic therapist specialising in climate related anxiety. In today’s interview I’ll be asking her about her work, whilst relatin...View Details

In this second part Adam continues the story of the Hamburg Cell, as well as explaining Saudi and Israeli state involvement in the attacks.  Check out...View Details

Fiona Robertson returns to the podcast to talk about her latest book, The Dark Night of the Soul. Fiona is referring to the archetypal experience of e...View Details

Lucid a dreaming teacher Charlie Morley returns to the podcast today as I continue our series on Hell. Charlie is the author of dreaming through darkn...View Details

Having previously looked at the 'West Coast Cell', that hijacked Flight 77 and crashed it into the Pentagon, we now turn our attention to the Hamburg ...View Details

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Alex Tsakiris for the Skeptiko podcast. We covered all the topics mentioned in the title and more....View Details

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