Adam Fitzgerald interviews me on Season One of the Energy of Empire series. We talk about The US Empire spreading its wings around the turn of the 20t...View Details

Dr. Meryl Nass was a key figure in bringing to light that toxic doses of the drug hydroxychloroquine were being administered in medical trials—with le...View Details

I was interviewed on my book Contemplating Conspiracy by Alex Tsakiris on the Skeptiko podcast. Certainly a lively discussion! Alex agreed with some a...View Details

‘The British response is one of the most controversial parts of its imperial history. They would now engage in warfare against the civilian population...View Details

I was invited on The Corbett Report to talk about my book, The Essence of Anarchy, and respond to a question on government regulation of smoking. Give...View Details

Robert Bonomo first came on the show a couple of years ago to explain the origins of money and its corruption in the modern financial system. He retur...View Details

I've been aware for a long time that Adam was once involved in the New Atheist Movement, being a particularly big fan of Christopher Hitchens. In this...View Details

'We can take a complex mystical concept like "dissolution of the self" and turn that into something so common and mundane that everybody does it every...View Details

Outside Mind (Poem)

What have you experienced outside Mind? And if you haven't, are you sure there's anything there to find? From the book: Of Matter or Mind?: Paradoxica...View Details

Adam Fitzgerald interviews me on The Darkened Hour Podcast about my book Contemplating Conspiracy.   Contemplating Conspiracy: Excursions into Undilut...View Details

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