The war was sold to Woodrow Wilson as a way to become a Christ-like saviour of the world. Wilson, who truly believed God had appointed him President, ...View Details

After spending many years engrossed in the spiritual philosophy of nondualism, Jessica Nathanson grew disillusioned with some of its more dehumanising...View Details

Recovered memories strongly influence various subcultures; from conspiracy theories, to a belief in past lives, right through to alien abductions. So ...View Details

A few months ago I attended a lecture by today’s guest, Dr. Anthony Marshall, on the work of another doctor, Otto Warburg. Dr. Warburg was an expert i...View Details

In this silent revolution, the United States of America was transformed from a collection of individual states, resting on the value of limited govern...View Details

James Corbett joins me to talk about his five hour documentary series, The Secret History of Al Qaeda. In addition to asking James about the narrative...View Details

Director of the UK National Space Centre, Anu Ojha, attributes claims the Lunar landings were hoaxed to a ‘seductive conspiratorial method of thinking...View Details

Whatever effect the naval blockade ultimately had on the outcome of the war, it of course did not succeed in bringing it to a swift conclusion the way...View Details

I was recently invited on Alex Tsakiris’ Skeptiko podcast, to explain why I’ve transitioned from assuming the idea ‘viruses don’t exist’ is some sort ...View Details

It seems strange to me that throughout all human history, if anyone had told you man had been to the Moon, you’d have been a gullible fool to believe ...View Details

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