In this episode of our continuing series, Adam Fitzgerald explains the history of Iraq and role of the Gulf War on the rise of Islamist terrorism. Rea...View Details

Thomas Howell returns to the show for a conversation delving deeper into such themes as non-dualism and awakening. How do we move from arduous practic...View Details

In the latest episode in the series Adam Fitzgerald explains Western governments continued use of Islamist forces, this time to facilitate the breakup...View Details

In this additional segment, Jerry explains some of his early life experiences that gave him a cynicism of both authority and received wisdom. He also ...View Details

In this additional clip, Jerry Marzinsky recalls when he directly experienced the presence of entities within his own mind, giving him great insight i...View Details

In this additional clip Jerry Marzinsky talks about an encounter with a schizophrenic inmate at a prison, which helped convince him the voices were ex...View Details

Psychotherapist Jerry Marzinsky spent decades working with people being tormented by hearing abusive voices. His experience led him to believe the voi...View Details

I was delighted to be able to interview Roy Horan, author of the book, Vigilance of the Heart. Roy has led an intense life of martial and spiritual pr...View Details

In this latest episode Adam explains how the Pakistani ISI, CIA and MI6 continued to support Islamic extremists after the Soviet-Afghan, in an attempt...View Details

Today's guest Robert Bonomo authored an article, 'The Moral Hazard of Modern Banking' where he explains both what money is and how it has been corrupt...View Details

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