Psychologist, therapist and host of the Scottish Liberty Podcast Antony Sammeroff joins me to discuss his presentation, The Psychology of Statism. Antony first explains how he came to hold his unconventional anarchistic views on government. He then talks about the psychological factors that prevent people from rationally and reflectively engaging in dialogue but rather lock them into their existing points of view. Finally, putting his therapists hat on, Antony talks about the role of resolving trauma in freeing ourselves to embrace a wider spectrum of ideas and becoming able to communicate more effectively with others.

Show Notes

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The Scottish Liberty Podcast

Antony's Enrich Your Life YouTube Channel

Read Antony's article How to Change Someone's Mind

Antony mentions Stefan Molyneux and Lloyd deMause for their work on childhood trauma, peaceful parenting as the way to create a better society. Here are three playlists (the first one features Lloyd) on that topic.

The Origins of War in Child Abuse

The Truth about Spanking

The Bomb in the Brain - The True Roots of Human Violence

Antony also mentions trauma therapist Dr. Robert Scaer

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