I sat down with Daisy Bray to speak about her work bringing spirituality into massage through the Meditation Massage program created by Debbie O'Shea Freke. Daisy explained her own journey of an initial embrace of, followed by disillusionment with Eastern and New Age spirituality. She then talks through how she was sucked into an Underworld Journey through the dark night of the soul, leading to an eventual spiritual awakening.

Daisy now expresses this spirituality through the medium of massage. She talks about how she came to this and her training with Tim and Debbie O'Shea Freke.

Follow Daisy here - https://www.deepawakewithdaisy.co.uk

Find out about Debbie's Meditation Massage program here - http://timfreke.com/Events/Meditation-Massage-Training.aspx



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